Aiden’s big day at the GSDCA National

On November 21, 2015 when Aiden earned his Agility Excellent Title (AX) he met the requirements for the GSDCA Performance Award of Merit (PAM) making him the first Alta-Tollhaus dog to achieve this prestigious award. This award is given in recognition to those dogs who are competing in multiple performance events, showing the incredible versatility and intelligence of the German Shepherd Dog.

Each year at the GSDCA National there is a “Parade of Greats” where individual dogs are recognized for high achievements in either conformation, performance, search and rescue, or service dogs.

Tonight Aiden was recognized as a 2016 Performance Award of Merit recipient.

Each dog is announced individually along with their achievements. This video is of Aiden and me being introduced and receiving Aiden’s PAM ribbon. I don’t know who was more excited me or this crazy, happy dog you see galloping into the ring!

At the end of the individual presentations all of the recipients did a victory lap!



Close up view of the ribbon and plaqueimg_0658-4

This is a picture of Aiden’s page in the GSDCA National Catalogue. Special thanks to Carole for putting the beautiful collage together for Aiden.



V, U-CH, PAM Alta-Tollhaus Aiden


(BSZS V10 Ypsilon vom Lärchenhain SchH3 x V Maikali vom Kirschental SchH2)

Jack and I are so very proud of this wonderful dog.

Ziva’s 1st regulation VST practice track

Ziva ran her 1st regulation track yesterday and it was a total success!!!  She ran the entire 675 yards in 20 minutes.  We had more articles than regulation, since this girl does not want to waste valuable tracking time showing me the stuff the careless tracklayer dropped.  VST tracks need 5-7 turns, 4 articles and are 600 to 800 yards long.  This is the college campus at Geneseo state college.  If it had been the real thing she would have passed!!!!   The yellow line is the tracklayer path and the black dotted is Ziva’s path.  this was aged for about  3 1/2 hours.  From the time my instructor laid the track to when we ran it, there were cars parked over the track and she had to figure it out, you can see from the lines she did not have much of a problem.  There was construction on the site and students everywhere and she just worked thru it all.  She is such a good girl  and has a great work ethic.  This coming week we are going to NH for a VST seminar and they are going to have us use a go pro when we track.  We will also get some night tracking experience since most of the June-August tests in our area are held at night because the pavement is too hot for the dogs feet during the day.  Carole will finally get to see her video even if it is not shot overhead from a drone!


1st VST practice track 6-9-2016

Aiden’s Got Mail

Yesterday in the mail Aiden received his AKC Tracking Dog Title certificate along with his Versatile Companion Dog Title certificates.

As Aiden has his Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) Title, his Open Agility (OA) Title and his Open Agility Jumpers (OAJ) Title when he earned his Tracking Dog (TD) Title on May 8th he earned his AKC Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2) Title. Apparently the AKC must issue his Versatile Companion Dog 1 (VCD1) Title first so Aiden got three certificates in the mail.




Here are some pictures taken this week both at the beach and the park. Whether working or playing Aiden gets the most out of life!

On Friday evening after work at Jack Knife Cove, Chatham.6-3-16 my phone (18)

6-3-16 my phone (31)b


Dylan was at the beach with us too!6-3-16 my phone (11)

Sunday at Thompson’s Field Conservation area in HarwichDSC02454





Me and my boys.DSC02745

U-Ch, V Alta-Tollhaus Aiden IPO-2, VCD2 (CDX, OA, OAJ, TD), RE, AX, XF, OAP, OJP, NFP, HIC, TC, TDI, CGC

Bahamian CH ShadowGlen’s Midnight Dylan UD, RE, BH, MX, AXJ, XF, AXP, AJP, XFP, CC, TDI, CGC, Bah. CD, Bah. RA

Aiden earns his AKC Tracking Dog Title

On March 26th Aiden passed his Tracking Certification Test with judge from the Tracking Dog Club of Massachusetts.5-8-16 004b

We tried to get into a tracking tests in VT and NH but were placed on the Alternate lists for both tests and did not get in. Finally we were drawn 3rd out of 3 for the Dog Tracking Club of Maine Test on Sunday May 8th.5-8-16 006

(Obviously someone forgot how to spell Shepherd!)

We took the day off work on Friday and drove up to Maine. We took the scenic route and saw the beautiful rocky coast. 5-6-16 (1)

5-6-16 (3)

We stopped at the Ferry Beach State Park in Saco, Maine and took Aiden for a nice walk. At this park you get to walk through the woods and on the beach.5-6-16 (6)

5-6-16 (2)

5-6-16 (4)

5-6-16 (5)

On Saturday as we were in Maine and we drove up to Freeport to do a little shopping at LL Bean.5-7-16 (1)

After shopping we took a hike in Wolf’s Neck State Park on Casco Bay.5-7-16 (7)

5-7-16 (2)

5-7-16 (3)

5-7-16 (4)

5-7-16 (5)

5-7-16 (6)

On Sunday morning….The Main Event! 

We met at the tracking club house for the draw at 7:45am5-8-16 015

The temperature was 48 degrees with dense fog…..a perfect morning to track. One TD dog had withdrawn from the test so there were now 2 TD dogs and 5 TDX dogs. Aiden and I drew TD Track 1. We all convoyed to the site of our track. Aiden got off to a nice start, he nailed the first 2 turns, had a some difficulty on the 3rd turn but got himself back on track, was very good on the 4th turn and went right to the glove and indicated with a down! Good Boy….What a great Mother’s Day present for me.




These are the score sheets from the 2 judges5-8-16 002b

We stayed for the rest of the day to watch the other TD track and all 5 TDX tracks. We had a great time, learned a lot and met some really nice people. Of the 7 dogs tested only Aiden and 1 TDX dog (a Corgi) passed. Aiden and me with the two judges, and Aiden’s ribbon, tracking flag and tote bag.5-8-16 Aiden TD.

With Aiden earning his TD Title and having a CDX Title plus Advanced Agility Titles Jack and I are very proud that Aiden now becomes a Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2)

Ziva says “Help me Grandma Julie”!!!!

I wanted to let everyone know what goes on in this house.  Grandma Julie, they work me like a dog.  Do you think you can find me a better home???

I have to herd ducks;


Then it is off in the morning to variable Surface tracking practice followed by critter control.



Then I had to help gather firewood



Then it is off to agility practice in the afternoon and when we get home Mom is relaxing with a glass of wine-geesh, I am the one doing all the work!


AND THEN, I had to put up with stink eye from sister Libby because she had to stay home.  How fair is that???