Alta-Tollhaus Dogs Steal the Show Fall 2018 Trial @ Capital Area Schutzhund Club

Alta-Tollhaus Dogs Steal the Show Fall 2018 Trial @ Capital Area Schutzhund Club

At the Fall 2018 Fall Capital Area Schutzhund Trial Alta-Tollhaus Dogs dominated!

BH – Brandon and Jasmine first time competing in IPO!
BH – PJ and Azi first time competing in IPO!
IPO1, High-IPO1, High-tracking, and High-in-Trial – Rachel and Wally
IPO2, High-IPO2 – Lee and Brody (Wally and Brody have the same mother)
IPO3 – Third IPO3 for Carin and Bello

Congratulations to all! Great job!

2018 – – Ziva’s Year for Invitationals & the unexpected.

2018 has been quite a year, both good and bad.  In March I noticed a lump on my back.  To make a long story short it was cancerous.  6 weeks of daily radiation was followed by surgery to remove the mass the end of July.  On August 1st , while I was still in the hospital, Ziva received an invitation to the AKC national Tracking invitational held the first weekend in October. Only dogs that are Champion Trackers can compete in this event.  She earned her qualifying Champion Tracker title in October.


























After I got home from my surgery on August 3rd, I received another lovely surprise.  Ziva qualified and was invited to compete in the Annual Top 20 Agility Preferred Invitational event at the German Shepherd Nationals .  During my treatments, we were able to continue to compete until the end of May, when I just was not up to running her anymore, or doing much else for that matter.  Considering we were only able to compete for 5 months out of the qualification period I must say this was totally unexpected.
































It has been 3 weeks since my surgery.  The biopsy and lung scan were both clean.  Now it is rehab for me bigtime.   Ziva and Libby were excellent and attentive nurses during my illness, but they are both happy to be getting some “normal” back in their lives.    I have entered Ziva in the tracking invitational and am working hard on being ready if she is selected for the draw.  Taking one day at a time, but planning for the future again 🙂

O’Connor starts IPO Training

Last week was typical Spring time weather on Cape Cod. We had snow, rain, hail and even a thunder storm. On Thursday it was quite cold and windy but the sun was shining. After work Jack and I took all three dogs for a short walk and romp on a soccer field.

Just before Connor came to live with us we found out that Mario, the IPO Instructor Aiden and I trained with, moved to Indiana. We were devastated. Fortunately for us and Connor, and many other handlers and dogs, Mario has decided to return to Massachusetts weekly for training.

This morning we met Mario to start Connor’s IPO Training.

Phase 1 – Puppy tracking

Phase 2 – Puppy Obedience

Phase 3 – Puppy Protection

On the way to meet Mario on the field Connor stopped to check out the “big boy” sleeve.

This is Aiden in August 2012 at 4 months old at his first day of IPO training.

This is his son, Connor, at 11 weeks old at his first day of IPO training.

We had a great time reconnecting with Mario and many friends. Connor took right to it and had a lot of fun.

Aiden even got some bite work in but Jack did not have the camera with him then. I need to get better “Kennel Help”


Ziva’s Mail from the German Shepherd Dog Club America

Ziva got some mail on March 17th (trying to catch up on my posts). She received 2 silver medallions and certificates of achievement from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. The medallions are given for achieving the highest level of a training venue or a Championship. One was for her Variable Service Tracking title and the other was for her Champion Tracker title earned in October of last year.












A short clip of her on hard surface at the startline finding the track direction