Proposed AKC Tracking Changes

This is the link with the proposed tracking changes:

Some changes to the TD test that you may want to write to the TAC and comment on, specifically Chapter 3, Section 6. I excerpted for you below:

Chapter 3, Section 6 – Start – (first, second and third paragraph and addition of a new
paragraph) The start will have a flag at the beginning in an area that permits the direction of the
track to begin in a 180-degree arc.
and a second flag 30 yards from the first flag indicating the
direction of the first leg.

The tracklayer will begin at least ten (10) yards from the starting flag, lining the start flag up
with the starting flag
up with the flag marking the first turn. and the second flag. The tracklayer
will proceed along this line ensuring there is no turn at the starting flag. While walking this line,
the tracklayer will pause momentarily at the first flag, drop the start article, then continue
walking the track in the manner specified in Chapter 2, Section 10. The start article must be
made of cloth and must be the approximate size of a glove or wallet.
The handler may pick up
the article at the starting flag and use it to give scent to the dog while on the track. The test
begins when the dog leaves the start flag. No restart is permitted once the handler leaves the
start flag.

The judges at a distance of about 30 yards from the starting flag will instruct the handler as to the
location of the starting flag and the path of approach. The judges will direct the handler to the
starting flag but will not indicate the direction of the track. The angle between the handler and
tracklayer’s direction of approach will be less than 90 degrees.

The test begins when the dog leaves the first flag. The initial 30 yards between the flags is part of
the track; all requirements for the track apply. In this portion of the track, the handler may
restrain the dog, but any leading or guiding of the dog constitutes grounds for calling the handler
off the track and failing the dog. Provided the dog has not passed the second flag, the handler
may request permission from the judges for a restart. If approved by the judges, the handler may
restart the dog, either from their present location or after returning to the starting flag. Only one
restart is permitted.

Lance and Laura!

Lance earns his AKC tracking certification! 

From Laura:

Lance and I went to Lansing yesterday and got certified for tracking, then went to the Lansing Obed Match.  

I won’t put him in any tests soon, will wait until next spring.   We want more mileage to get a good foundation and article indication and I need more “blind” work.   His cert track was only the 4th time I had done a blind with the boy.  

Meanwhile, we will continue working on our VST & TDX stuff too.   Course, the boy doesn’t know the difference, in VST or TDX or TD, like Jean and Mag cause he’s started out on everything so a track is a track.   My back and neck muscles are a wee bit sore this a.m. cause for some silly reason, a 1/2 hr old track is very fresh to Lance, and he just bulldozes right down the line.   Must be some NASCAR blood in his system, or his Dad’s love of race cars is rubbing off on him.

Questions on Tracking Situation

Any suggestions re a tracking situation? Yesterday
was chilly, very gusty winds–to the point that I am
not sure they were really NE as the weather guy
claimed, seemed to be shifting every five seconds. I
did a four-turn track, and Mac had trouble with only
one. That time he stopped, then tried to come back
along the leg he had just done, couldn’t seem to pick
up anything. The winds there were really bad. So in
the end I pointed out the track to him, and after
about ten yards he picked up the track again and
finished his work–found the glove after the next
corner with no trouble. Did I do the right thing?