VP1 Ava vom Alta-Tollhaus

NASS got off to a great start. Ava (Ypsilon x Maika) won the first show of the day, the 3-6 month female puppy class! We were so proud of her, she just rocked it, standing out in a large class of pups. Head up, eyes bright, confident, and gaiting beautifully — she didn’t miss a beat. We could see Maika shining through in her today, and this of course caused all of us to cry when Ava won.

Because it’s awkward to take pictures of people while they’re crying (and while you, yourself, are crying), I was limited in my photography. Here’s the best picture I got. Don’t worry, I know the 24kgsd photo brigade snapped much better ones that they will post later.


I managed to hold it together enough to tape the judge’s comments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WrNzS1CzeL4

Comments are below (to the best of my understanding).

Very typey, very expressive female with good withers, a firm back and good position and length of the croup. Well angulated in front, very well angulated in the rear. What makes her winning the class today is her presentation in the ring, from the beginning to the end was clear, with really good presentation and with very good, powerful rear drive.

After Ava, it was Brody and Aiden’s time to shine! They placed VP2 and VP3, respectively, also in a large class of pups. So after the first two classes, Alta-Tollhaus earned a VP1, VP2 and VP3. Not bad!

I couldn’t stay for the later puppy classes, but know that Yippie Kai Yay, Ziva, Zorya, Fenris and Ranger all earned VPs today. (If I’m forgetting anyone, let me know!)


Another Mid-Atlantic Regional Show post

I uploaded a bunch of photos from the show to Fenris’s facebook page. (Yes, the fluff monster has his own page. Don’t ask me how he learned to use the computer. I blame the Allie genes for making him too smart for his own good)

Most of the photos are of club member’s dogs but, here are the Alta-Tollhaus highlights.

Aiden practicing his stack

Finding his microchip

In the ring




Ziva in the ring

Ziva being inspected


Fenris at bitework practice before the breed survey

In the ring

Having his teeth checked (I’d been working with Fenris for *weeks* to get him comfortable with this so, to me, this was a huge accomplishment)

Lynda stacking Fenris

Fenris’s critique:

In case you can’t understand it:

  • Rated Very Promising
  • Male of the right size
  • Very good proportions, length to height
  • Very good pigmentation
  • Very expressive head with dark mask
  • Very good top and underline
  • Very good position and length of croup
  • Very good angulation of front and rear
  • Straight front
  • Nice movements
  • Good presentation
  • Needs to firm up hocks


VPs all around!

Y, Z, A…Today

Today Alta-Tollhaus Yggdrasil (Fenris), Alta-Tollhaus Ziva and Alta-Tollhaus Aiden were entered in the Orange County Schaeferhund Klub Mid-Atlantic Regional Conformation Show held in New Windsor, NY under SV judge Ernst Seifert.

In the 6 – 9 month Long Stock Coat male class Fenris placed 1st earning VP1

In the 3 – 6 month female class Ziva placed 2nd earning VP2

In the 3 – 6 month old male class Aiden placed 2nd earning VP2

It was a good showing for the Alta-Tollhaus dogs all earning VP at their 1st show.

I sent the “kennel help” to get Aiden before his class!!


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NASS ENTRY DEADLINE EXTENDED! — First Deadline for NASS entries is extended to September 24, 2012, 12:00 Midnight. (Note-entries made online after September 21, 2012 will be automatically charged a late fee; Contact Joy by either email or telephone and she will make an immediate refund/credit to your credit card. Joy’s email and telephone number are: wdaoffice@comcast.net or (609)526-5418.

Online entry form for NASS

The entry for the Burr Oak show with judge Rudiger Mai closes October 3rd, the conformation show is October 13th.

Burr Oak Hundesport entry form

You will need a 4 generation certified pedigree from the AKC to show your dog at NASS, you do not need it at the time of entry but you you will need it before the show:

AKC Store

Some of the Alta-Tollhaus dogs at NASS 2011