Kira – Quellie Kirschental

August 22, 2010

Dock Diving

Nikon, Alta-Tollhaus Bono, learning to Dock Dive:
August 16, 2010

Millie’s First Swim

August 15, 2010

Katy and Vince

Katy and Vince at Lake Higgins and resting at home
August 10, 2010

Private Talk

I thought you’d like to see this photo of our girls having one of their “private talks.” They sit like this everyday!
August 4, 2010

Millie Week 2

Sarah, to reply to your comment about Millie’s training last week…..I think she did just as well this week as last. 🙂 It was certainly obvious […]
August 4, 2010

Pup pix

Al with Alta-Tollhaus Kapone (XBox – Maika) Cindy and Shadow ( XBox – Kayla) Shadow with his new family Maya with tom, Gabrielle, and Noel Gabrielle […]
August 2, 2010

Millie Schutzhund Puppy

Alta-Tollhaus Millie, 9 weeks, owned by Dale, Sarah, and Amelia. Joker vom Eichenplatz x Quellie vom Kirschental Amelia, schutzhund girl: Puppy recalls
July 29, 2010


Jack took this picture of Chief. He LOVES to watch out that front window and bark at the walkers and cyclists. He’s a GREAT dog, Julie. […]
July 19, 2010

Joker x Kira Pups 6 Weeks

Joker x Kira pups at 6 weeks. Noel’s long coat was posted earlier