Kira – Quellie Kirschental

April 2, 2011

Ivan visits Paris!

This morning we took Ivan to visit his “cousin”  Alta-Tollhaus Paris, AKA “Ava.” Ava and Lottie were attending puppy school held at Agway, which is a […]
April 2, 2011

Pup Class – week 3

Everyone is doing great—and we have a new participant, an American GSD who is a couple weeks older than Sydney.  It is fun to watch Sydney […]
March 29, 2011

Cover Boy Roman!

Roman is ready for Spring! Thank you, Chris, Rita and Roman for providing such a great Cover shot.
March 27, 2011

What did you do this morning?

How about a trail race in Ann Arbor? That’s what I’m talkin’ about! It was a balmy 22 degrees, but the sun was shining and it […]
March 26, 2011

Brat Class – week 2

Whoops! Did I say Brat Class?? I meant Great Puppy Class!! Praise goes to all dog parents—the kids were on perfect behavior today. They all crack […]
March 25, 2011

Alta-Tollhaus Bailey SchH 1, KKL1a

Alta-Tollhaus Bailey now has her breed survey – Korung, koer Klasse 1! Thank you to professional dog trainer Lisa-Tina Dassau for a job well done!
March 21, 2011

Guess who’s two years old today?!

Roman and the rest of the “F” litter!! Yay!! Roman sends big wet kisses and lots of biscuits to all of his “F” brothers and sisters, […]
March 20, 2011

You’d better mind your P & Q!

Prada (Sydney) and Quantas (Grizzly) started puppy class on Saturday, along with a Golden-Doodle pup. Although, I’m not quite certain about the “golden” part. The P […]
March 11, 2011

Falsely Accused—Alta-Tollhaus Prada, aka Sydney

Photos by Barb/Story by Sydney… My Mom says that Monty’s lips leak from all of my puppy-teeth kisses. Take a close look at his lips. Do […]