Kira – Quellie Kirschental

April 30, 2011

Pretty Girls

Sara and Millie ( M-litter Joker vom Eichenplatz x Kira) I’m bad, I am, oh so baaaad
April 28, 2011

Pup Class – week 6

Finally! The last of the Brat Class—er, I mean Puppy Class. All teasing aside, this was the most fun class I’ve ever taught.  John says that […]
April 22, 2011

Bailey Home

Welcome home Bailey! Bailey is home from Germany after earning her German titles and breed survey: AD, BH, SG, schH1, KKL1a. Here are few pictures I […]
April 16, 2011

Pup Class – Week 5

Barb & Sydney, Deb & Babe, John & Michelle with Grizzly, Kim & Calibur The Recall: Either these dogs really love their owners, or they just […]
April 16, 2011

101 Things To Do With A Box

and one thing NOT to do with a box! Last week we played with The Box, which happened to be a little too tall for Grizzly. […]
April 13, 2011

Paige and Lisa Try Tracking

This is their first and second track – ever. I put down the first on and Lisa did the second. The tracks are heel toe with […]
April 13, 2011

Paige Visits a Construction Site

Lisa and Paige took a field trip to a busy construction site this morning.
April 9, 2011

They do mind their P & Q!

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed teaching a class as much as this one. It is great having such dedicated owners who actually work and have […]
April 9, 2011

The Competition is On!

Grizzly and Sydney are not litter mates, but they might as well be. Talk about sibling rivalry! They are both very nice to the other pups […]