Ivan – Alta-Tollhaus Ivan

March 8, 2010

Saturday Playtime

On Friday we had a surprise snow storm but Saturday was a taste of spring. Time for Alta-Tollhaus Ivan (10.5 weeks old) to get out and play. […]
February 28, 2010

Ivan’s morning walk in the woods

Alta-Tollhaus Ivan out for a morning walk with the big dogs I think I hear ducks in the pond… I brought one of my favorite toys […]
February 27, 2010

Another trip to the beach…

First I decided to try swimming in the water bowl – then I used a towel to dry up the mess. Of course I was forgiven immediately […]
February 27, 2010

Puppy Updates

From the Story family: Hi, Julie– I just got done registering Alta-Tollhaus Isa online. She is doing very well–just that first night home, she went outside […]
February 21, 2010

Working on my ears….

Ivan (Alta-Tollhaus Ivan) at nearly 9 weeks old.
February 20, 2010

A beach day in February??

The sun was bright, the temperature was up (well, 42 degrees anyway) and the winds were calm…Time to go to the beach! Ivan being Ivan “Whatcha […]
February 17, 2010

Ivan at 8 Weeks

February 16, 2010

Settling In

A quick note to let you know that Ivan is settling in wonderfully. He is just so clean, not one accident in the house. He has […]
February 13, 2010

Ivan Moves to Massachusetts

Alta-Tollhaus Ivan (Ricco x Allie) had a good flight to Boston and is now living on Cape Cod. Ivan arriving safely in Boston Jack and Ivan […]