Hunter vom Nordteich

July 18, 2016

Steve summer 2016

Some fun pictures of Steve enjoying a nice afternoon at home. We did the conformation show in Idaho at the Treasure Valley Working Dog club last […]
July 17, 2016

Candids Part 2

Candids Part 2;  H-litter Hunter x Hedi
July 16, 2016

H-Litter Candids Part 1

Candid photos pf the H-litter Hunter x Hedi. Here we come! Herbie
July 16, 2016

Holly, Pink-Black Collar Female

Holly from the H-litter Hunter x Hedi upon seeing that someone has entered the puppy yard.
July 16, 2016

H-litter Hunter x Hedi 6-week Headshots

H-litter, Hunter x Hedi at 6 weeks. Hula, pink-collar female: Henry, red-collar male: Herbie, blue-collar male: Howard, green-collar male: Holly, pink-black-collar female: Happy, peach-teal-collar female: Heather, […]
July 10, 2016

and just because…

I am posting pictures of long-coated males from different litters, who has guesses on the sire and dam of this long-coat male? Yeah, I know this […]
July 5, 2016

H-Litter Eyes and Names!

Hunter x Hedi pups, H-Litter, have opened their eyes and have names! Puppies are 17 days old in these pictures. Heather, pastel-rainbow collar female: Henry, red […]
July 5, 2016

H-litter at 8 Days Hunter x Hedi

H-litter with visitors, James and Katy.  Hunter x Hedi pups at 8 days of age. H3
July 5, 2016

H-Litter Neo-Natal Neuro Stimulation

Chillaxin as they get their paws rubbed, the Hunter x Hedi pups, loving the foot massage.