Alta-Tollhaus pupdate

Alta-Tollhaus pupdate

Over the next several weeks I am going to be posting update photos of Alta-Tollhaus Dogs, many of who have never appeared on the blog. I have quite a few dogs to get to so keep checking back!

Alta Tollhaus Fallon (aka Darcy) F litter AT Ava x Laban DOB December 21 2015

O’ My…..Guess who are one year old!

O’ My…..Guess who are one year old!

The “O” Litter (Alta-Tollhaus Aiden x Yoyo vom Lübzer Eldetal)  are one year old . I was able to get current pictures of the whole litter from their families. All the pups are doing well.

The “O’s” going to their new homes on St. Patrick’s Day 2018 at 8 weeks old. Left to right: O’Wilson, O’Casey (Mick), O’Hearn (Shelby), O’Reilly, O’Connor and O’Zeke

The same pups at one year old

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Alta-Tollhaus O’Hearn (Shelby)

VP Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor BN, RN, TKN, CGC

Alta-Tollhaus O’Reilly

Alta-Tollhaus O’Casey (Mick)

VP Alta-Tollhaus O’Zeke

VP Alta-Tollhaus O’Wilson

Alta-Tollhaus Jasmine

Alta-Tollhaus Jasmine
Alta-Tollhaus Jasmine BH at 2-years of age
Jasmine doing her recall
Long recall

Alta-Tollhaus Jasmine BH is sired by Hunter out of Yoyo…and yes Jasmine is a female…I love that big strong head she has. Jasmine is owned by Brandon and tis is the first dog he has worked in schutzhund or IPO or IGP whatever they are calling it this year.

Alta-Tollhaus Jasmine BH