Happy Eighth Birthday to the Super “S” Litter 3/18/2019

Happy Eighth Birthday to the Super “S” Litter 3/18/2019

Happy birthday to my special sweet Libby.  You are my treasure.   Love

her to pieces.

Alta-Tollhaus Sweet Liberty CD, BN,RE,FDC,THD,HIC,TKI, CGC,TC

(X-Box Dei Precison x Vallie vom Haus Kirschental)

2 weeks

Libby 2 weeks




 3 - 4 weeks



Libby 7 weeks



























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Alta-Tollhaus Sweet Liberty_Sept 4, 2016_Carole


























She always makes me smile
Happy Birthday Sweet Libby

Singer and Aria Working Sheep

Both Singer ( Xbox x Funny) and Aria (Hunter x Judy) are owned and trained by Rich and Jan Godfrey.

Jan is working Singer (Alta-Tollhaus Just a Singer), she had Singer move the sheep through a chute that was only wide enough for one sheep to go through at a time:


Rich doing morning training with Aria (Alta-Tollhaus Yes Just a Singer 2).  He is directing Aria and doing the video at the same time. Rich teaches his dogs while herding the sit command means stop.


Here Aria is doing flank drills. These sheep want to escape. She should move in the direction given and keep the sheep from escaping. Toward the end she got something in her ear. You can see her holding one ear down. No problem, just a shake of the head and back to work.


Alta-Tollhaus new German Shepherd Dog Club of America DOUBLE PERFORMANCE CHAMPION!!

A new DOUBLE PERFORMANCE CHAMPION!!! I just learned that today Rich Godfrey’s dog “Singer” aka; Alta-Tollhaus Just A Singer , or for us old time AT peeps “Funny’s J-Boy, who was already a Herding Champion completed his Champion Tracker 7/8/2018 to join the very elite group of GSD’s (fewer than 10 in the history of the breed) who have earned 2 different AKC performance championships!

Congrattulations to Rich and HC CT Alta Tollhaus Just A Singer RN HSAdsc HSBs HIAs HIBs HXBs HXAsM on this accomplishment!

Happy 7th Birthday “S” Litter Libby!

Love this girl.  Thank you Julie

The 2011 “S” litter (X-Box dePrecision x Vallie Vom Haus Kirschenta) is 7 today!  Happy Birthday to all her littermates.  Hope we can get some updates from them today!






















7 Libby-recall-500x374[1]











11 Llibby-basket-500x362[1]











Libby-Bullis stone pile























Alta-Tollhaus Sweet Liberty CD, BN, RE, THD, TDIA, HIT, FDC, TKI, CGC, TC