Uschi vom Tönsbrock

Uschi vom Tönsbrock

Uschi vom Tönsbrock recently finished up her IGP1 title just in time to make her date with the handsome Jacksen vom La’ Mirage.  Uschi is A-Normal Hips and Elbows, with strong character, solid temperament, and excellent drives….and so pretty!

Basic data:


Jacksen and Uschi mating

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Jacksen vom La’ Mirage

Jacksen vom La’ Mirage

I am proud to introduce Jacksen vom La’Mirage to the LDT blog readers.  Jacksen, not a well-known dog….yet…2020 will be the year GSD fanciers will be buzzing about this exciting young male as he becomes more and more known.

Jacksen has a correct well-laid back shoulder and upper arm, high whither, good bone, big masculine head, correct angulation, strong back, super hair, great temperament, A-Normal Hips and A-Normal Elbows.  Jacksen has earned his IGP1 and KKL.  He is currently in training for his IGP 2 and 3 and will be shown in Germany and the World-sieger show. He is currently with Team Aurelius near Munich Germany.

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Jacksen vom La'Mirage

BSZS VA Vaiko vom Suentelstein IP03 KKL LBZ A-Normal Hips + Elbows
Sire to Jacksen vom La’Mirage
V Laila vom Schollweiher IPO1 KKL LBZ A-Normal Hips + Elbows, litter sister to BSZS VA Labo vom Schollweiher IPO3 KKL LBZ A-Normal Hips + Elbows