Hallo from Deutscheland!  I am borrowing a computer so I am unable to upload any pictures…I will be need to get off at any moment so I will only say what I can..  In this area I am told there is no wireless.  I am in the Detmold area and staying with one of the OG Detmold club members. Her name is Karen and she is a very sweet and gracious lady.  Her house is at the entrance to a National? park called Externsteine. Believed to be important in Germanic history and claimed by neo-Pagens.  The Summer Soltice is on the 21st and this area will be packed. Already there are many `interesting´ people here. It reminds of the Annual Rainbow gatherings—which I only know about because they like to frequent the North Shore of Lake Superior. It was always most interesting when they came through Duluth.

I walked Kira along the many trails.  In front of the rock formation their were about 100 people playing new age?  old age? music on very odd instruments.  sitting around camp fires in their unique attire.  I would have taken pictures but their dogs, apparently all male, were swarming Kira and I. A big St. Bernard that made Kira look like a toy poodle.  Came stalking us and kept his eye on me, and as you dog people know what I am talking about it was a hard eye. I did not avert my eyes or offer any calming signals, I let the big guy know there would be a fight.  So as the dogs were circling us and I tried to keep myself between Kira and the other dogs.  The St. Bernard moved in.  I quickly calculated the cost of the trip vs. my Nikon camera.  The camera lost. The St. Bernard got the full force of my camera on his forehead, and then a good kick and body slam from me. The other dogs were handled with kicks and body blocks from me. The dog´s owners were oblivious to whatever was going on. I thought about yelling some choice American words, but decided I was clearly already the outsider in this group and no-sense making that even more apparent.

So all is well and no Neo-Pagen-Hippy dogs violated Kira. I am bing kicked off the computer now.  More later when I have the chance.