Happy Belated 6-month B-day to the I Litter

This is our first blog post, I hope it works out okay.

We’ve been MIA from posting as we have focused our attention on our AT “puppy”…Bela (Schuman x Bailey).  Not only does time go by too fast, GSD puppies grow way too fast! Bela (pronounced Bay-la) seemed to be a “small” puppy for only like two weeks. On his 6-month b-day (March 7) he weighed 72 lbs. He’s a big boy. He even jumped from Puppy I class to Puppy 5 mostly due to his size…and, of course his brains.

Bela is a beauty, wonderfully soft hair, great coloring. He is literally stopping traffic as people comment “what a gorgeous dog.” Granted all AT GSDs are gorgeous, folks just haven’t had the opportunity to see them in these parts (southern WI). Tony is particularly impressed with his effortless athletic ability.

He can be a mischievous little devil, with lots of energy and enthusiasm. He learns quickly, although he doesn’t always respond…a reminder that he is still a puppy. He’s going through a stealing and keep-away phase. He gets lots of play time and a long walk everyday. He didn’t mind our crazy cold winter and I think he’s actually going to miss the snow.  His prey drive paid off recently when he grabbed a mouse outside late at night; he thought he was very cool.

Bela, Nov. 18, 2013
Bela, Nov. 18, 2013
Bela, January 13, 2014
Bela, Feb. 4, 2014
Bela, Feb. 4, 2014



These last two pics are of Bela, March 6, 2014



Iszy is 6 months old…and so happy to see grass and the sun again!!!

Happy 6 month Birthday I litter!  Icon/Viktor you sure are a big, handsome guy–hope we get to see some pictures of the rest of our siblings!

We can’t believe that Iszy is 6 months old already and weighs 44 pounds.  She is a beautiful, smart girl who we just adore.

She is working on all of the skills she should be learning–here she is working on ‘leave it’ at four months.

545 crop

We have also taught her some things that help us throughout the day.  This is Iszy in ‘mat’.  We taught her this because the five minutes it took to hydrate her meals became a struggle.  She was whining, jumping and tearing around the house in anticipation.  So we taught her to lay on the rug in front of the fridge, settle and patiently wait.  Within a few days, she learned it, and it is now a position she goes into while we are preparing her meals. Yeah Iszy!!!!

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And here are a few more pictures of her over the last few months.  It has been a long winter for a lot of us.  While Iszy enjoys the snow, she is super excited to have her grass back.  She can now toss around her toys and not have them get lost in the snow!

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While looking back through the blog, we think she looks like her mom in some of these pictures when her mom was a pup.

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And finally a doggie-smile for you…..



Happy Spring A-T family!!!



I litter (Schumann x Bailey)