Ziva’s March Agility Weekend-Late But Not Forgotten

Ziva and I were at Butler Agility trial on 3/10 & 3/11.

On Saturday, our first class of the day was Master Jumpers.  Ziva had a Q and 2nd place!


Our second class of the day, Masters Standard,  I ruined our chance at at double Q by sending her to the wrong Tunnel mouth with my feet 🙁

On Sunday, I got my act together (sort of)  and Ziva reliably came thru for me with a double Q!!!! 🙂

Our first class of the day was Masters Jumpers.  Ziva Q’d with a second place!


Our Masters Standard run for the double Q and 1st place!

Ziva at the Hamburg Agility Trial May 2018

Ziva was entered in the Hamburg Agility Trial in Erie, PA  the weekend of May 26th.   This is our last trial for some time, as my cancer treatments are getting the best of me.  Ziva has been a champ greatly modifying her running style & paying extra close attention to suit my inability to run and handle the way I should.  She has also declared that until I am back on my feet she will not run for anyone but me.  I can hardly wait until we are together as a team again.  She always comes through for me.  BEST DOG EVER!

Ziva first class on Saturday was Master JWW.  She had a nice jumpers run and Q’d with 4th place.  I was able to get a video of her run below.

Her next class was Master Standard.  We did not place, but she did Q in spite of my not being able to properly handle her & came through for a double Q for the day!


Sunday her 1st class was Master JWW and she ran well.  We did not place, but she did Q for 15 PACH points.  This leg also earned her her Master Jumpers Bronze title!















As much as I wanted to try for another double Q, I just was not able to physically run the standard class, so we packed up, stopped for some ice cream for her and went home.



Ziva working a little of this and a little of that

I had promised Ziva I would never take her in the ring again for an obedience sit/stay lineup after she was attacked 2 x in Novice,  Since there was a 3 minute out of sight sit and 5 minute out of sight down in open, that meant we would never try to get her CDX.  The AKC eliminated that exercise and replaced it with a command discrimination exercise, so it is game on for us again:)  She carried over the fear of the other dogs into all aspects of being in an OB ring, so we have been working on that anyway since I would like to show her in Rally.  We had the chance to enter a fun match over the weekend & I have never seen her happier in this type of setting.  There is still some worry, but she would work for food & toys which she never would do before AND she did not shut down. Some snippets of some of the Open A exercises are below


Ziva’s Mail from the German Shepherd Dog Club America

Ziva got some mail on March 17th (trying to catch up on my posts). She received 2 silver medallions and certificates of achievement from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. The medallions are given for achieving the highest level of a training venue or a Championship. One was for her Variable Service Tracking title and the other was for her Champion Tracker title earned in October of last year.












A short clip of her on hard surface at the startline finding the track direction