Alta-Tollhaus Aiden

October 19, 2016

Recap of Aiden’s time at the GSDCA National

This collage was put together by Carole for inclusion in the GSDCA National catalog and the German Shepherd Dog Review. It shows Aiden’s versatility and happy […]
October 18, 2016

Going back to Massachusetts

On Friday before the Parade of Greats we spent the day relaxing at Purina Farms. Aiden and I took a ride on the shuttle golf cart. […]
October 15, 2016

Aiden’s big day at the GSDCA National

On November 21, 2015 when Aiden earned his Agility Excellent Title (AX) he met the requirements for the GSDCA Performance Award of Merit (PAM) making him […]
October 14, 2016

Aiden’s fourth day at the GSDCA National

Once again today the first event of the day was lure coursing.  It was clear and cold and Aiden seemed to understand exactly what was going […]
October 12, 2016

Aiden’s third day at the GSDCA National

Today was a day for something completely different for Aiden and us. The day began with rainy conditions and the threat of thunderstorms as we headed to […]
October 11, 2016

Aiden’s second day at the GSDCA National

Today was the second and last day of agility at the National. Aiden’s first class was Masters Jumpers with Weaves. He qualified with 2nd place. Aiden’s […]
October 10, 2016

Aiden’s first official day at the GSDCA National

This morning was the start of our first official day at the GSDCA National at Purina Farms. Today and tomorrow are both agility days. Aiden’s first […]
October 9, 2016

Life is Good!

Today was a day to get settled in and not drive miles! Jack, Aiden and I went to Purina Farms to check out the area and let […]
October 9, 2016

Aiden’s Road Trip – Day 3

This morning we left Dayton, Ohio for our final day on the road for a while. We went through…. and then into… Along the way we […]