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New Picture of Pepe

Our wonderful Pepe he is the total package.

Pepe x Ava U-litter 1-10 Days Old

Pepe Video

This is a video showing Pepe at 2 years of age. Pepe is 6 times VA, IPO3, KKL, LBZ, DM Clear/Clear

U-Litter Pepe x Ava

Born January 9, 2019. Three males and one female. They are the biggest and fattest pups ever.

Pepe and Juno puppies

Pink and green collar females - teal has gone to her new home!

Pepe x Juno W-Litter at 3-Weeks

Pink-collar female Teal-collar female Lime-green collar female Teal collar female doesn't appreciate the camera flash

W-Litter: Pepe x Juno

The Pepe x Juno pups came into the world June 7, 2019, via C-section by Dr. Schultz at Schultz Vet in Okemos, MI. This is Juno’s […]

New Families for Q-litter Pepe X Ava

August 2018 Q-litter puppies with their new families and some random pictures when the pups were younger.

R-Litter Pepe x Juno

There was only one female puppy in this litter, Reagan. R3, Pepe x Juno R-litter