Ziva’s Award from the Tracking Club of Massachusetts

On November 11th the Tracking Club of Massachusetts held their annual award banquet and potluck Dinner at one of the members homes in Framingham,  MA. Every year the club recognizes tracking titles earned during the year by their member and dog teams.  We already had a family visit planned during the same time, so Glenn and I made plans to attend the banquet.

Ziva earned her Variable Surface Tracking Dog Title (VST) at the  Weimaranar Club of Northern Illinois Test in Glen Ellyn, IL on October 1st, 2017.

Ziva had previously passed her Tracking Dog (TD) and Tracking Dog Excellent(TDX) tests and now with passing her VST test, I was very proud that Ziva also became a Champion Tracker (CT), one of the tracking elite!

Ziva and I received received an engraved plaque in recognition of our accomplishment with 1 dangle for each of her 4 tracking accomplishments.  I am trying to get a photo to post, but not having much luck because of the reflection.

Along with a lovely dinner and some good dog talk, the dessert was this cake that the club had made in honor of her CT accomplishment.  The GSD is not a figurine, but handmade of fondant.  It was a fun evening of good food, plenty of tracking stories and reconnecting with old friends.

I am honored and so very blessed to have her in my life.


Thank you Ziva for the good times and thank you Julie for trusting me with her!!


tcmplaque (2)















THE GSD tracking cake!


IMG_2770_Corel with titles
















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