Free to a good home–Excellent Mouser!!!!

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  1. Julie says:

    Oh wow what a moaner! Damn she is such a good tracker and then that. Grrrrr. I am so sorry I know how hard you worked for this. Next time you two will blow it out of the water! Congratulations on the super training you have done she has the skills that is for sure.

    • Carole says:

      Agree with Julie! You guys do an excellent job – Team Ziva is such a pleasure to watch. By the way, the cats said that they could use another mouser, so send her down.

  2. Shane & Jaime says:

    Lisa, you are an EXCELLENT handler and Ziva is a GREAT tracker. This sucks, but I don’t think many dogs pass the TDX on the first attempt (the trial secretary told me that both TDXs that passed had been trying for many tests). I was honored to be part of Team Ziva and I know you’ll get that title before you know it.

    • Lisa, Libby & Ziva's mom says:

      Yes, it was the 9th try for the girl with the shepherd. The TDX pass rate is 15% according to my trainer. The tracking club was thrilled they had any TDX’s pass.

  3. ckwigles says:

    alas, been there, done that. My last tracker was a terrible mouser. on the test that she passed she found no less than three mouse nests! each time I watered her rather forcefully (kinda shoved water up her nose so she forgot all about the mice). it was a painful track. good luck- I hope you get it next time!

  4. Lynda says:

    I LOVE the title of this post!! It is so important to maintain a sense of humor.
    It was great to see you and Ziva and Jaime again.
    After your unfortunate start Ziva got right back to business and did great on the rest of the track.

    • Lisa, Libby & Ziva's mom says:

      I never thought, you and Jamie could have come along with the track layer after we were DQ’d and were finishing up as a practice–too bad I did not think of that until I was on the ride home.

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