Roman the Paper Boy

Just wanted to tell you about his latest “job”. Our neighbors here in Cleveland are in their 90s and for some reason, Roman just loves them. He goes frogging in their pond and chases the geese out in the spring. He totally acts the fool around them. They just love Roman and get the biggest kick out of him. Since the weather has gotten bad, Roman delivers their paper every morning. We go to the mailbox, I take the paper out and he grabs it in his mouth. He runs up the drive, shakes the paper, jumps and spins….I give him the “aus” command and he drops it at the door. he get so excited he spins around some more. They watch him from the window and think it’s a riot 😉 I’ll get some pics, but just wanted to let you know what a great paper boy he is!!

Christmas at Interlochen


The family enjoying the snow at Interlochen State Park.


Doing a quick side step to catch my sisters.


There’s one of them.  Maybe I should just take on one female at a time!


Yeah, one at a time!


There’s the other sister – older sisters are easier to chase!


But she’s quicker than me at catching snowballs.


Off we go for an “official” shot.


Da dah- this is as good as it gets this time, and it took a few minutes to get everyone looking in the same direction (well roughly the same direction!)



A-litter Anja Update

Hi! Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say hello and let you know that Anja is doing great. I do read the blog on my cell phone all the time, so I have been keeping up with all of the news. I have no idea how to post or comment on my cell. Anja is a precious little angel. She is so well behaved and always looking to please us and do the right thing all of the time. Her loyalty to the kids is beyond amazing. If we re out at a busy place like a park she is SO focused on them. There could be a million things going on around her or people coming up to her, and all she cares about is the whereabouts of her kids. She is beautiful. She weighs 52 lbs right now (9-months). She is long and lean. Built perfect. Beautiful shiny black and red coat. Her eyes have such expression. I will send a pic soon. We thank you again for blessing our family with Anja. She is SO loved!!


Anja is from the A-litter: Ypsilon x Maika

Longest Serving Military Dog Retires



This afternoon at the Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho a retirement ceremony is being held for the longest-serving military working dog in the Department of Defense. For twelve years Tanja has served as a detection and patrol dog and is now looking forward to retirement with her current handler.

Tanja, a Belgian Malinois, worked with six different handlers over her career. “She has deployed five times in various countries around the world and has been a definite asset during her military career,” said Tanja’s former handler Staff Sgt. Robert Wilson. Dogs and their handlers spend all their time together. They train, eat, sleep and fight side by side. “I am so glad I had the opportunity of working with her,” said Wilson. “She was definitely the best dog I have ever had.”

Wilson also went on to tell a story from his deployment with Tanja. Not only did Tanja locate an explosive device inside a third-country national vehicle but further search revealed that stolen classified documents were hidden inside the vehicle. Tanja efforts prevented this information from being stolen.

Tanja will be living out the rest of her life with her last handler, Tech. Sgt. Roseann Kelly. “I don’t think she will have any problem adjusting to being a civilian since she’s been preparing and practicing for house-dog life for years,” joked Kelly. “She loves to lounge around and play games like most dogs do. I love the military working dogs and am excited to adopt Tanja.”

Both Kelly and Wilson are glad Tanja will get the retirement she has earned. Kelly said, “She has served her country and can now look forward to enjoying herself and relaxing.”