Allie Daughter: Y-Litter

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  1. Lynda says:

    What a super dog Princess is for Wyatt. They are great together.
    It’s amazing what dogs can do.

  2. The Spencleys says:

    These photos brought a tear to my eyes. I wish all children with autism could have a GSD by their side!

  3. pattiR says:

    That looks like a match made in heaven. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Lynda, you are so right, I too wish all children could share and feel the love and devotion of a dog at their side. Aren’t we blessed?

  4. Lee R says:

    Thanks for the update on Princess. Who better to take care of Wyatt than an Allie daughter? I’m not surprised about her aptitude for the job at all!

  5. josiem says:

    What a super photo. It is so heartwarming to see children and their dogs side by side. Nothing could be better than that.

  6. Carole says:

    Awesome photos and heartwarming story. For being so young, Princess is turning out to be an excellent service dog. She and Wyatt certainly belong together.

  7. Lisa, Libby & Ziva's mom says:

    Allie kids have the smarts and always take care of their people. What a good match.

  8. JK says:

    Beautiful. These dogs are amazing and truly life-saving companions. Thank you for sharing.

  9. tawnyhillshepherds says:

    This is just beautiful! Amazing show of GSD temperment.

  10. Brenda LaTorre says:

    So very touching. A beautiful boy with a beautiful dog!

  11. Jil says:

    Beautiful pictures of a great match. The look Princess has in the first photo is a look I’ve seen from Isa many times.

  12. Lisa, Libby & Ziva's mom says:

    What a great team and a wonderful tribute to Allie’s legacy

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