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  1. Ann K. says:

    There are also prong collars with quick-release style buckles, which are very nice for those of us with arthritis or clumsy fingers. Mine have never come undone accidentally, which was not always the case with the regular link fastening.

    • Julie says:

      I had to stop using my quick release prong collar, it came undone at the wrong time too many times.

  2. Carole says:

    For those who use a prong for daily walks, etc., here is a link for the prong collar covers. The cover will not interfere with the function of the prong.

  3. Lies Rosema says:

    If anyone’s interested in one of the cool new BLACK Fursavers, I might want to sell mine. I got a 23″ for Pan and it’s a little smaller than I’d like. It would be good for a female GSD or for a male/female GSD 6-12 months. I already have a larger one I use for SV shows but wanted one for Pan to wear during Schutzhund trials since it’s the required collar. I thought Pan had been wearing a 21″ Fursaver so I ordered a 23″ but I must’ve been wrong. I’d like to sell his new 23″ black and get him the same one a few inches larger. It’s genuine Herm Sprenger, the larger heavy duty links like what dogs wear for Schutzhund training and trials. The black looks really cool!

    This is the actual collar

  4. rita says:

    Roman is still rockin’ the flame collar two years later! I’m also a big fan of the Sprenger.

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