9 thoughts on “W-Litter 12-Days Old

  • December 13, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    Adorable. These pictures make me want to snuggle up and take a nap with them.

  • December 13, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    (insert excessive ooh-ing and aaah-ing from Kirsten and Lily here)

  • December 13, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Oooh, leetle teeny feet! So cute.

  • December 13, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    They look like I feel, battling a horrible cold and it snowed yesterday to add to my misery. 🙁

  • December 13, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    What adorable little cuteeee’s! I love how they are sleeping all over each other, feet in the air, sideways, upside down, snuggly-cuddly together. Thank you for the great pictures of these beautiful precious pups!

  • December 13, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    As Batman would say, “HOLY MOOSEPUPS!”

  • December 13, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    They are soooo cute! I’m pretty sure I go through all those positions in my sleep, too. I’m a kicker!

  • December 14, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    OMG, be still my heart! They are absolutely gorgeous :~) I’m more than smitten! WOW :~)

  • December 15, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    Now those are some content puppies.
    Sorry to say, Shane and Jaime, there is nothing little about these pups!

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