Nature’s Logic

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  1. Lies Rosema says:

    Cool, how do we ask Karen our questions?

  2. Becky Perry says:

    Thanks Karen for the information! I just saw that this food had been getting many discussions online lately, and wanted to hear someone’s opinion who actually knows what they are talking about. 🙂

    So, what foods have you fed your dogs and would recommend?

    • Karen Murray says:

      I have fed them ALL and then some 15 years ago! :~) Since then, I’ve been feeding raw food after extensive research. I started and learned on our first 2 GSD’s, one who was suppose to die by age 3, and she didn’t until almost her 12th birthday. Since the other 2 passed, we have 2 more. A 3 year old female, Teeghan and an 18 month old male Doogan. Their parents ate raw food and they have eaten raw since 3 weeks of age. I know that everyone is not cut out for doing a raw diet but, there are some good “clean” dry foods out there. I’ll write you and explain more after this holiday weekend if that is ok.
      Best regards, Karen :~)

  3. Jennifer says:

    So what kind of food would you recommend for a Sheltie with pancreatitis and severe food allergies? I give him Prescription Diet W/D and Low-Fat Innova. If he gets only the Innova he gets real bad diarrhea.

    • Karen Murray says:

      OOOOOHHHHHH Jennifer,WE need to TALK!!!! :~) I had a GSD with the same. They told me she wouldn’t see three years old……..she lived until just before her 12th birthday! That is what started me on this nutrition journey!
      >Best Regards, and Happy Thanksgiving! Karen :~)

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