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February 24th, 2017 by Julie K.

Ella turns one

Ella is from the Alta-Tollhaus D litter (Hunter x Pala)


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February 24th, 2017 by Julie K.

D litter pups

I was going through some pictures and found these three cute litter mates. Hunter and Pala D litter. I don’t think these have been posted yet ūüôā


This puppy is Satchmo (pictured with his big sissy Elska)


This puppy is Atlas


And this puppy is Ella



September 15th, 2016 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Some D litter pups 1 year later

The “D” ‘s were a year old on 9/12/2016. ¬†Here are some updates kindly sent by 3 of the Devoted puppy parents.


Brian’s Alta-Tollhaus Della ¬† “Ella”. ¬†I think you will agree she went from a¬†Darling¬†pup to lovely young lady

img_3281 img_4122 img_4521 img_6502 img_6767


Colby’s Dashingly handsome Alta-Tollhaus Delaune “Atlas”


atlas-colby6 atlas-colby5 atlas-colby4 atlas-colby3 atlas-colby2 atlas-colby1 atlas-colby


Meriann’s Alta Tollhaus DozeRMyShoez ¬†“Sachmo”. ¬†He has definitely turned into Da Man!

sachmo_mariann sachmo1_mariann sachmo2_mariann sachmo2_mariann sachmo3_mariann sachmo4_mariann sachmo5_mariann

September 13th, 2016 by Colby Gray

A Year With Alta-Tollhaus DELAUNE “Atlas”

A year has flown by and it seems just like yesterday that I contacted Julie about getting an Alta-Tollhaus pup.  I had lost my last GSD in 2014 and after some time I decided to research German Shepherd Breeders. I came across Alta-Tollhaus and the great standards that Julie Richards has to uphold the quality of the breed. After talking back and forth with Julie. My heart was set.

I put my name on the list and waited for my match to be made.

Fast forward to Sept 12,2015. The D-litter is born and Julie sends¬†info shortly after on the possibility that one of these might be my match. (okay, so maybe I called her non-stop and emailed….) Nevertheless, she always patiently returned my call and told me that he¬†was coming. She sent me countless amounts of info to help me prep for my upcoming pup.

I woke up one morning to an email from Julie stating that they had done the temperament testing and the pup with the purple and yellow collar was mine. I nearly fell out 1) it was finally happening 2) My alma-matter is Louisiana State University and purple and gold are our collegiate colors.


Upon this new discovery that “purple and yellow collar” was mine. I found the¬†photo below. After going through several names over the past few months,¬†I was stuck on ‘Atlas’ but decided I wouldn’t confirm it until I saw him with my own eyes.


Now I had to patiently wait for him. His mother (Pala) and Momma J had to spend time with him first.¬†I think this was the hardest part. Julie assured me that he was doing fine and that I would be getting him very soon. Finally, on November 7, 2015 I got my little fluff ball. He ran straight out the travel crate and licked my face. It was a perfect match. His registered name would be Alta Tollhaus DELAUNE. DeLaune being from my maternal heritage and his call name would be¬†Atlas…


We made it home and I had everything prepared for this wonderful¬†puppy that Momma J had¬†bestowed upon¬†me. I was added to the Alta-Tollhaus group and¬†I quickly realized that¬†I wasn’t just getting a puppy from a wonderful breeder.¬†¬†I was actually getting a family. ¬†Everyone in the group¬†congratulated¬†and welcomed me to the AT Family. Offering everything from tips about raw feeding to¬†phone numbers if I needed any help with anything. I also connected with Atlas’ litter mates.


Atlas adjusted well to his new home and even learned to properly lay on his bed for a nap. Forgot to mention that house and crate training was a breeze. (below is an authentic photo of a nice Atlas nap)



Atlas easily became a favorite at the veterinarian office. Creating smiles and happy faces everywhere he went.


He quickly grew and I anticipated the day that his ears would perk up. I knew it would be soon..



and then one day it happened!


but then they¬†went back to being floppy, but he was growing bigger and bigger…


Atlas was quickly catching up to his ear growth and becoming the wonderful young pup he is today.



Some say that dogs mimic their owners personalty. This is certainly true for my Alta-Tollhaus pup. Atlas quickly picked up his love for cars, golf and the lake life from his human dad.  Eagerly waiting to take car rides and accompanying me to meet the grand-dog parents (my parents) at the lake house.


Atlas is a joy to not only myself, but to everyone that comes in contact with him. I can not even take the credit for his wonderful temperament, beauty and loyalness. This credit goes to Momma J and her team who dedicates themselves to upholding the standards of the German Shepherd Dog bloodline.


Today is September 12, 2016. A year to the day of the birth of my best friend and PIC (partner in crime). As I sit here typing this blog post,¬†Atlas¬†is nestled at my feet patiently waiting¬†for me to finish. It’s¬†comforting¬†to know that I have a loyal companion and that this is only his first year of many more. Oh the places we will go…

(below is a picture of Atlas on his Birthday at the outdoor shopping mall of Perkins Rowe in his hometown of Baton Rouge, LA)



Thank you Momma J and the entire Alta-Tollhaus team!


-Colby & Atlas

(P.S. Lisa J-R I finally did a blog post)

July 20th, 2016 by Julie K.

Atlas 7-8 months

Atlas from the D litter.


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