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February 24th, 2017 by Julie K.

Karley and Chewy grow up


Karley on the right, 12 weeks, dad = Hunter, mom = Karma. Chewy on the left, 11 weeks, dad = Hunter, mom = Hummel. Half brother and sister, best friends and playmates. They have added so much joy to our lives.


Chewy and Karley sharing a stick together after hard GSD puppy play, digging in dirt and swimming!


Connor sharing his stick with Karley! He has been very patient with her especially when her brother Chewy comes over for play time and a run thru the woods!



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February 24th, 2017 by Julie K.

Gracie turns two

From her owners –


Happy 2nd Birthday Gracie.

Z Litter Hunter & Hummel Feb 20, 2015
Its hard to believe its been 2 years already!
We love you so very much.
As beautiful as you are, happiness for you is being WET, DIRTY and catching either Frisbees or Balls. We are so grateful for you every day and your name suites you just fine. You are the Gift we cherish everyday! Love you!!

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March 27th, 2016 by Carole

Where’s The Bunny??

CS0_1843_Mar 20, 2016

Chica – in search of the Easter Bunny. Happy Easter, A-T Family!

and now for something wild to try out:


This is my crazy friend Cheri and her boys Boo & MoMo. They are not A-T dogs – however, this is still blog worthy. Who in the A-T family is willing to give this a try? Lisa Roberts, I can see you zooming down the road with your girls. 🙂

January 1st, 2016 by Jennifer Harman

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Ember and Cabrera.  It is a lazy day at our house today.  Just enjoying a day off, finally.  I have had to work Christmas day and New Year’s Eve (plus my regular schedule), so I am enjoying this day off.  My plans this year include:

Ember (VP, IntJRCh, UKC AltCh, URO1 Alta-Tollhaus Ember CTL1, Total Dog x 1): starting to compete in rally and agility again.  Ember has had most of the year off due to an injury but has started back in agility without any bar height or any jumping (although she still jumps when I say “jump” without any bar up.  It’s pretty funny).  Our main goal this year is to have fun and not put any pressure on her.  Some more Total Dogs would be a bonus.  I’m also going to try to have her orange growth removed. 😉


Cabrera (UKC Ch, CA, UWP Alta-Tollhaus Cabrera, Total Dog x 1): work on the next lure coursing and weight pull titles.  He was recently neutered, so his Total Dogs would be in the altered category with Ember.  Since he cannot earn a Total Dog with lure coursing and weight pull is difficult to find, the UKC Premier is the main event to earn a Total Dog at.


Joker (UKC Ch Windcrest Wild Card): work on his UKC Grand Ch title (he has one leg towards it), his AKC Ch title (he has 3 pts towards it), finish his lure coursing title (he has two legs towards it), start competing in rally and agility in March/April, and compete at the Papillon National Specialty in May in rally, agility, and conformation.  He’s amazingly talented and driven, and a lot of fun to work/play with.  Some Total Dogs would be great with him as well and very achievable.  I’d also like to try weight pull with him.


Lucy (Lucy C-ATCH): start Barn Hunt!  She’s retired from agility due to an injury and congenital patella issue so something low key would be great for her.


Q (just Q): have fun and make some more therapy visits.  He’s my special child since he had a head injury but he’s the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet and enjoys visiting schools, nursing homes, and individual’s homes.  He’s also learned sit, down, and dance to the right.  That’s a big deal for him!



Gibbs (AG1 Gibbs CL3): complete level 4 CPE agility, earn AG2 (has 2 legs towards it) and work towards his ATCH in UKC agility.



January 1st, 2016 by Jennifer Harman

Merry Christmas, a little late

Merry Christmas from Cabrera and Ember, a little late.


A-T Cabrera, Lucy, Joker, Q, and A-T Ember

Getting this picture was like herding cats…but with dogs


A-T Cabrera and A-T Ember


A-T Ember


Lucy, Joker, and Q