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German Shepherd Dogs and their people.

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I live in NW Ohio. I share my home with my Dad and his little pooch, BJ. Then there is my little zoo composed of Rudi(Fargo vonDehlin Haus), Jack the African Grey Timneh and Cleo the parakeet. All live happily together, except when Jack start calling the dogs, or telling them to "be quiet there's nobody here", when they are barking. I've shared the past 36 years with German Shepherd Dogs. I fell in love with the breed when I was a little kid and knew that when I grew up I would have one of my very own. And I have. I train with methods of positive motivation, I've used a clicker, toys, whatever works for the dog. I enjoy obedience training, schutzhund, some Agility, and even Rally. I've entered a female I had in a German Conformation Show and she won her class, I was thrilled! Not sure what else to write. Thanks for reading. Terri


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