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June 27th, 2018 by Lynda

O’Connor’s graduation day

On Tuesday night, 6/26/18, O’Connor graduated from Basic Level 1 Obedience. This was a 6 week course learning the skills necessary to pass a basic obedience test. The test included heeling on leash individually and in a group, recall, sit stay for over a minute and down stay for over 2 minutes.

Individual heeling

Group heeling

…and group heeling from week 5

Recall from week 5

Sit stay

Down stay

O’Connor passed all of the elements and graduated!






3 Responses to “O’Connor’s graduation day”
  1. WOW, I am impressed!!!! Good work. I am sending my puppy to you and Jack!

  2. Connor, what a good boy, congratulations!!

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