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April 23rd, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Ziva’s Fantastic Agility Weekend

Ziva was entered this last weekend in the Western Lakes Training Club Agility Trial in North Tonanwanda, NY.  This was Ziva’s first time back in the ring since her surgery 6 weeks ago.  On Friday her first class was Masters Standard.  Even with my handling errors, she Q’d with a 1st  place.  She was a bit of a stinker, you will notice she broke her sit at the startline on a few of the runs.  We need to get that back in order, because once the startline goes, everything will eventually fall apart.


On our way from the teeter to the triple.













The second class of the day was Master JWW.  She had another great run and qualified with a 3rd place giving us a Double Q!


Ziva was making sure no bars came down this weekend!













Saturday we were back and our first class was Masters Standard.  My timing felt like it was coming back and Ziva had a great run and Q’d with a 1st place.


Saturday afternoon we ran Master JWW.  There was a “hail Mary” moment when I was in the wrong spot to send her to a jump, but Ziva saved the day and we Q’d with a first place and our SECOND Double Q of the weekend!  Steak was on the menu for Ziva that night.


Ziva reading my queue to turn to go to the next obstacle after the weaves,  avoiding the very inviting trap that caught many dogs coming out of the weaves!












My tired agility dog!  Her hair is slowly but surely growing back in.













Sunday we were entered in Master Standard in the morning.  I made a handling error and she did not negotiate one of the obstacles correctly, so we did not qualify.

Our second Sunday class was Master JWW-she ran a really good run and qualified with a 1st place.  Since we did not have a Double Q riding on this run, I made sure to be sure she held her startline and she did 🙂 I need to be sure I watch this more closely in future trials.  There was a problem with my camera and we did not get video of any of Sundays classes on tape 🙁

Ziva watching me front cross so she knew which obstacle was next.  There was an obstacle discrimination after this jump and she read me like a book.












It was quite a weekend!  Ziva qualified in 5 of 6 classes run with 4 firsts,  a third place and 2 Double Q’s!

























As always she is a willing and consistent partner in our adventures!  She liked the steak part too!!!!




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