Long-Dangerous Tails

German Shepherd Dogs and their people.
October 7th, 2017 by Lynda

Aiden at another agility trial

This weekend Aiden is entered in the Western Massachusetts Shetland Sheepdog Agility Trial at the Fairgrounds in Westfield, MA. We brought Dylan along with us again.

We drove out on Friday and stopped for a quick “pit stop” on the Massachusetts Turnpike and shared a slice of pizza with the boys.


Then we went to the Robinson State Park in Feeding Hills, MA. We walked along the Westfield River and Dylan and Aiden went swimming. Then the dogs played in a big field while they dried off. We had a great time.











This morning unfortunately Aiden’s first class of the day was Masters Standard Preferred. I much prefer when there is a class like FAST or Time to Beat first as Aiden is always so excited in his first run of the day that he needs a class to burn off some of his energy. Because of his over enthusiasm he did not wait at the bottom for the dog walk and took the panel jump at a bad angle knocking it down.

His next class was Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred. He had a great run and qualified in 1st place. He earned 22 PACH points.

Dylan and Aiden hanging out between Aiden’s classes.


The last class of the day was Masters FAST Preferred. Aiden got the Send Bonus (jump, A-Frame and tunnel with me at a distance of 15′ away) and racked up all the points EXCEPT that he knocked that same darn panel jump which was worth 7 points. Therefore he qualified with a score of 73 out of a possible 80 and placed 1st.




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