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German Shepherd Dogs and their people.
October 1st, 2017 by Ron and Nancy (Digger)

Digger says Happy 5th Birthday D-litter

From a little ball of fur…

head shot 4 wks

To 95 lbs of handsome…


First the cake…

10-1-17 6

Then presents of course…

10-1-17 2

Enough with the pictures I want my bone…

10-1-17 3


10-1-17 4

We hope all the D-litter siblings are doing good. We love our big guy.






3 Responses to “Digger says Happy 5th Birthday D-litter”
  1. Happy Birthday Digger. What a lucky boy having cake and presents!

    He looks like a little fluff ball in his baby picture…with beautiful eyes.

  2. Happy birthday sweet boy. Looks like he got properly spoiled!!

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