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April 20th, 2017 by Lynda

“A” time to celebrate


The A2 litter is five years old today!

BSZS V10 Ypsilon vom Lärchenhain SchH3 x V Maikali vom Kirschental SchH2

Once again the entire “A” Litter owners report that all of the dogs are doing great and are much loved.


Alta-Tollhaus Aiden – blue collar boy

2. Blue collar male pup - 5 wks old Aiden

3. Aiden body

4. Aiden sit

5. Aiden jump

6. Aiden kong

Alta-Tollhaus Ava – pink collar girl

6b. Pink collar female pup - 5 wks old Ava

6c.Ava 2017 (3)

6d. Ava 2017 (5)

6e. Ava

Alta-Tollhaus Aslan – black camo collar

7. . Blk camo male pup - 5 wks old Aslan

8. aslan st clair side shot

9. aslan trail

10. Aslan flying snow photo

11. Aslan landscape snow portrait 2

Alta-Tollhaus Aleki Kona (Kona) – black paw print collar

12. Blk paw print male pup - 5 wks old Kona

13. Aleki Kona 2017 A

14. Aleki Kona 2017 B



Alta-Tollhaus Anja – pink camo collar

15b. . Pink camo female pup - 5 wks old Anja

15c. Anja 2017 1 (2)

15d. Anja 2017 3 (2)

15e. Anja 2017 2

Alta-Tollhaus Admiral Grizz (Grizz) – green collar boy

16. Green collar male pup - 5 wks old Grizz

17. Grizz with his ball

18. Grizz sitting (2)

19. Grizz with his ball (2)

Alta-Tollhaus Azeruki (Ruki) – purple collar boy

20. Purple collar male pup - 5 wks old Ruki

21. Ruki 8

22. Ruki 7

23. Ruki 2 (2)

Alta-Tollhaus Alonso (Xavi) – red collar boy

25. Red collar male pup - 5 wks old Xavi

These are current pictures of Xavi. His family was away and have recently sent these new pictures of him.

image4 (2)

image3 (2)

image1 (2)


Happy Birthday to all these “A”mazing dogs.

Many thanks to all the A Litter owners for once again coming through with recent pictures. Without your help this post would not be possible.






5 Responses to ““A” time to celebrate”
  1. Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom says

    Love all of these photos. So great that you are able to keep in touch with Aiden’s litter mates for updates. Sure do miss all of the blog posts. My kids sibs have fallen off the map 🙁

  2. Thank you for putting this together!
    Wonderful photos.

  3. Thank you so much, Lynda, for the time and effort to put this all together!

    • You are welcome Julie.
      I’m grateful that all the “A” litter owners participate and send me pictures every year when I contact them and request a birthday update.
      I love putting the post together each year!

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