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February 19th, 2017 by Lynda

Aiden earns his Masters Agility Excellent Title

Today was Aiden’s second day at the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Agility Club Trial.

The first class was Premier Standard. Premier classes have a lot of very difficult parts including back side jumps. Aiden did the first back side jump fine. After coming out of the second tunnel Aiden did not take the back side of the jump and therefore did not qualify.

Aiden’s second class was Masters Standard Agility. There were 15 dogs in the 24” class and 9 qualified. Aiden had a super run and qualified with 3rd place and earned 26 MACH points. 1 MACH point is awarded for each full second under Standard Course Time. This was Aiden’s 10th leg for his Masters Agility Excellent Title (MX).

Aiden’s last class of the day was Masters Jumpers with Weaves. He had a good run but unfortunately knocked one bar and therefore did not qualify or earn a Double Q.

I love working with this dog!IMG_0935 (3)

IMG_0927 (2)






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  1. You guys will have your MACH in no time!

  2. Good job Aiden!! You are our inspiration!!

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