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February 28th, 2013 by Julie

Walter Martin Lecture

Wow, what a treasure. What a gift someone took the time to upload a Walter Martin lecture from 1985. This is really long but for those serious about breeding worth the time.



4 Responses to “Walter Martin Lecture”
  1. Thank you for posting it here so that I can find it again.

  2. Julie, Thanks so much, this was so interesting and fun to listen to. Made all the more enjoyable to listen to with his delightful German accent.

  3. I am slowly working my way through the lectures. Today I learned I need to bred to a crazy dog so my dogs will show well:

    go to: 2:29:30

    I think this is how the American GSD got into so much trouble breeding for “Wings of fear” although fear is not necessarily the same as crazy?

    I think I will keep breeding for sound character, and dogs that look good for the first two rounds around the ring.

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