Long-Dangerous Tails

German Shepherd Dogs and their people.
February 11th, 2013 by Julie

Ember and Her Big Sisters



6 Responses to “Ember and Her Big Sisters”
  1. No fair…two against one!! Won’t the Papillons be surprised in a month when Ember is towering above them. LOL.
    It looks like that they are all getting along. Nice to see the video.

    • Lucy is more like the fun police. She doesn’t like it when Token and Ember play. Token is pretty rough, but Ember likes it. Hopefully she will learn to be gentle with him when she gets bigger. At one point it looked like she was watching a tennis match, looking between Token and Lucy, wondering who to play with. They’ve come quite a ways because Lucy and Token were not thrilled with her at first, but at least they are starting to play with her.

  2. Lisa, Libby & Ziva's mom says

    i agree with Lynda, lets see another video in about 3 weeks of a play session.

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