Bailey Jumping Project

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  1. Carole says:

    Very interesting. Charlene if she ever gets the hang of that ball on the rope, you will be in for a fun ride. Thank you for sharing your jumping project with us.

  2. JK says:

    This looks so fun. Thanks for the videos and your detailed, helpful posts on the topic. We started jumps with Batty last week, very short ones. Can’t wait to do more.

  3. ckwigles says:

    The videos were done July 4 and she has improved more since then. She can now clear 24″ bars and doesn’t avoid them very often, and today we worked on a 24″ triple. We are also starting short sequences and handling moves. I’m delighted with her jump grid work!

    Dog walk and A frame are started, but we haven’t worked on the 2 on/2 off part yet. so much to do!

    She hates movement under her feet so the teeter work is going very slowly, but she is making some progress. I think it is a matter of making it worth her while. chicken necks are useful!

    the jump to a barrier to force a tight turn (second video) has been very difficult for her, but she is making progress. today we did a 20″ bar set 23″ away from the barrier! someday it will be set the same distance away that the bar is (20′ bar/20″ away soon, and one day 24/24).

    We stopped work on the weaves until she is more operant. or I’ll have to come up with another way to teach it. she does not shape well, but once shown what to do she does well. I continue to try to clicker train tricks, but it is not progressing very quickly.

    one thing I changed up recently was having her watch me work my other dogs. previously I worked with her first to make sure I had enough time to cover everything, but I think it will do her good to see other dogs running over the teeter and weaving.

    I have not been very successful at getting her to work with me for a ball on a rope. she will tug with me occassionally, but it is tough to get her to engage. I tried the ball on a stick but she had no interest in that at all. she will tug with a fleece toy, but if there is a ball around (and they seem to be everywhere!) she won’t do much. Anybody have any ideas? my thoughts are consult Gustavo and clean up the yard to get all the extra balls out of there.

    We continue to have fun, and I think Bailey likes the work.

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