How to Make Dr. Becker’s Doggy Vitamin Mix in 6 Easy Steps

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  1. Julie says:

    Great post Jennie!

    Here is a source for ordering vitamins, herbs, and minerals in bulk:

  2. Carole says:

    Jennie, you rock! Karen will LOVE you!

  3. JK says:

    Oh yes, Karen and I are already BFFs! I’m learning a lot from her! @Carole

  4. Helen Tai says:

    Hi –

    thank you for these excellent instructions and the spreadsheet. I have a couple questions:

    1. it’s been 6 years since you wrote this – do you have any additional suggestions or have you made any modifications?
    2. Recipe A is for a complete diet with organs, eggs, etc. – just want to confirm – is this a diet of 75% meat including organs/bones and 25% veg or fruit puree?

    Thank you. Helen

    • Karen Murray says:

      Hi Helen!
      Dr. Becker is working on a new diet book (5th edition) but it is not out yet. You can go to the Mercola site and “get notified” when it comes out.

      Yes, diet is 75% lean muscle meat/organs (note that meat & organs are at different percentages in the mix) and 25% veg mostly with small amount of fruit.

      If you are not including bones in your meat mix, you need to add a high quality/human grade “Bone Meal”.

      I don’t remember which edition the recipe on here came from, but here is the 4th edition’s “single recipe A”:
      4 teaspoons Sea Salt
      13 Capsules Iron (18 mg)
      2 Capsules Manganese (10 mg)
      5 Capsules Zinc (50 mg)
      65 Tablets Kelp/Iodine (150 mcg )
      3 Capsules Vit. E (400 IU)
      25 Capsules Taurine (1.0 grams/1,000 milligrams) (also, check the milligrams on the product you are purchasing to see if they are 500 milligrams)

      Recipe “B” differs slightly.

      Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

      Karen :+)

  5. Jeremy Lapper says:

    Hi so we recently switched our two dogs to home cooked diets. And still trying to figure out the vitamins and minerals.
    I purchased all the individual vitamins to make this mix and realized it doesn’t include calcium? What do you do for calcium?

  6. Jeremy Lapper says:

    No sorry Lisa I don’t. I stumbled onto this website in the process of trying to find Dr. Karen Becker’s vitamin mix.

    • Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom says:

      Don’t know if this helps, but I make a home prepared diet for my 66 LB GSD and use 1 1/2 tsp of now calcium carbonate powder/day.

  7. Jeremy Lapper says:

    Thanks Lisa. That’s definitely helpful. I just purchased it on amazon!! Is you GSD on a raw food diet by any chance? We are currently feeding our two dogs home cooked food but it’s been trial and error with them ending up with stomach issues etc. we are too chicken to switch to raw because as it is we have had so many issues even with cooked homemade food.

    • Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom says:

      No it is not raw, it is home cooked. She has food allergies and the raw meat gives her wicked diarrhea, but cooking it helps. Hers was formulated by a nutritionist so that it is nutritionally complete

  8. Karen Murray says:

    NOTE info about Feeding PUPPIES a home cooked diet:

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Libby and Jeremy are feeding a homemade to ADULT dog’s. So the supplements that they are feeding are correct.

    This comment is concerning “PUPPIES” should anyone be reading this and decides to begin a homemade diet for them that does not contain raw bones …..using a supplement instead.

    Puppies, MUST have the correct balance/ratio of Calcium (Ca) to Phosphorus (P) in their diets to develop properly.

    by Daniel C. Richardson & Phillip W. Toll: The absolute level of calcium in the diet, rather than an imbalance in the calcium/phosphorus ratio, influences skeletal development. Young, giant-breed dogs fed a food containing excess calcium (3.3% dry matter basis) with either normal phosphorus (0.9% dry matter basis) or high phosphorus (3% dry matter basis, to maintain a normal calcium/phosphorus ratio) had significantly increased incidence of developmental bone disease.

    Pet Education By Foster & Smith: It is very important that calcium and phosphorous be fed at the correct ratio of around 1.2 parts of calcium for each 1 part of phosphorous (1.2:1). Chart on article says = no higher than 1.5 Calcium to 1.2 Phosphorus.

    IVC Journal: The calcium:phosphorus ratio should be between 1:1 to 1.3:1.

    By Steve Brown: To support their growing bones, puppies need more calcium and phosphorus than adult dogs. Both the total amounts and the ratio between calcium and phosphorus are important in order to prevent growth abnormalities, especially in large-breed puppies.

    The NOW product that I mentioned contains the correct amount of Calcium (80%) and Phosphorus (30%).

    Just thought people should know! :+)

  9. Sarah Soulier says:

    Does anyone have a spreadsheet or a table that puts Dr. Becker’s recipies / vitamins / minerals / calcium / fatty acids / eggs / sardines / what days to feed what / what days to supplement what in 1 simple chart? I understand each dog has different requirements. However, there must be a general simple guideline that can be used and then adjustments could be made accordingly.

    I have read this book through twice, made notes, and I’m still searching for specifics. I find myself guessing all that I think I finally have figured out. I really need to see this spelled out in a more simple form. HELP PLEASE!!!

    thanks, Sarah

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