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December 17th, 2008 by Julie

Nick’s Puppy Tales

These are the reports that Nick emailed me as he dog-sat Inya for me. They are too funny not to share.

Day One:

So, I was trying to figure out what I could give Inja to chew on other than my hands or feet. Something that she wouldn’t eat, then it would be gone and her back to my hands… So, I’ve come to the conclusion that we need to start manufacturing fake human hands… i never understood why they were so appealing to puppies to chew on other than the fact that they are readily available… well, that was until I tried chewing on my fingers a little… look around, no one is around… try it out, you’ll see what I mean…

Think about it, they are perfectly designed as a chew toy. Soft on the outside, provides that little bit squish factor, then you hit the bone, and its nice and solid but you still have the squish from the flesh… As far as size, perfect again! thin enough to get your molars on it, but too large to swallow whole… The best part about them. If you bite them hard enough, they move! its like a mini-hunting game every time… You catch it, start chewing on it, and it tries to run away. Sometimes it even makes a funny noise…

So, we need planet dog to start producing faux-hands. They could double market them as a dog chew toy, and as halloween decorations… It’s perfect… we just need to find a way to differentiate the fake hands from the real ones… Maybe give them like 10 fingers? or make them deformed! like a foot/hand mix… OK, that idea need some work still…

Everything is going well, I’ll e-mail with a little more detail, but right now I have an exam to go take.

Day Two:

So, everything is going well. Today was a really crappy day weather wise. It was raining all day, but that didn’t stop the pups from frolicking in the yard. Went through sooo many towels today from drying them off, and the house is just laced with small trails of leaves wherever the dogs have gone. Sirius figured out he can get up on the furniture and Inya can’t get to him. However, he still forgets about his tail. She’s spent most of the day pulling out pieces of Sirius’ tail. Overall they get along well.

I took her down to the drug store earlier today for a bit of meet and greet. Had to warn everyone that she’s nippy due to teething, but that didn’t stop them from finding out first hand… But, overall consensus was “she’s such a cute puppy!” And I’ve said it before, but puppies are chick magnets… I love it…

I think the best part about having her here is the puppy naps… We’re up playing for a while, then she gets a little tired… and so do I… so I have an excuse to take some cat naps in the middle of the day…

Day Three:

So, after watching Sirius and Inya playing, Ii’ve come to realize something… It’s like a bar fight between a drunk guy, and a sober guy… Inya, being the drunk, completely uncoordinated and talks far more shit than Sirius, the sober guy, who just kinda brushes off any attack thrown at him with ease.

It’s funny (yes haha funny to watch them, but funny odd too) Inya is always the aggressor and Sirius is surprising gentle. Occasionally he forgets how big his ass is and whips it around and bowls her over. Of course she’s charging back at him well before she even gets her hind legs planted on the ground… luckily its nap time now, and I need one…



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  1. This was the BEST puppy report I’ve ever read! Julie, you owe Nick a nice big lunch just for providing us with entertainment!

  2. Becky Perry says

    Nick you make me laugh. Joe and I would buy a ton of the faux-hand chew toys for Schumi. He and Inya seem a lot alike!

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